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Daniel had a good, though rather uneventful, week.   The only milestone to report may be that he is officially saying "Da Da" to the right guy.  He pats Daddy on the chest and quite confidently announces "Da Da"!

Of course, many other words also sound like "Da Da" right now... Daniel enjoys chatting, and holds up his end of the conversation quite well.  He also has a knack for accidentally saying a word at the right time, like "yum" after trying toast for the first time.  See if you can hear "Hi There" and "Mom-ma" in his videos this week.

We're trying to listen for those first words!  We think "duh" is "hi" and "Da" is "Daniel" (which makes "Hi, Daniel" hard to distinguish from "Daddy"...) and when we're really not sure, we just answer, "We love you too, Daniel!!"

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