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First of all, you may notice that there was no update for the week ending December 23rd... that's because we were all in Aiken, SC (where Kevin and Diane grew up) for the holidays!  It's the first weekly update we missed since Daniel's birth, and we're making up for it by having 2 pages dated December 30th this week!  Click here to see Page 2.

After a mid-week visit from Southwest pilot Uncle Mike, we loaded up a few things and flew a red-eye into Augusta, GA on December 21st.  Upon our weary arrival on the morning of the 22nd, we were met by family members on both sides, and that was just the beginning of our social activities.  We were blessed to have family reunions on both Kevin's and Diane's sides of the family, including grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  It was truly a memorable time filled with fun and laughter!

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