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Daniel has had a lot going on this week!  In no particular order... he graduated to a new bigger tub, since he continues to grow by amounts that are obvious even to those of us who see him every day!  He still enjoys bath time with Daddy.  Daniel finally got tooth #6, more than a month after #5 arrived.  He now has 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom.  On Saturday, he played his first game of roll the ball with Mommy.  Though not a good roller yet, he definitely enjoyed taking turns.  Daniel also likes to rock (alone or facing Mommy & holding hands) while we sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."  He tried beef Sunday, and stuck his tongue waaay out - not a favorite... yet.   Lots of playing and sleeping accompanied these exciting events!

On Monday, Daniel greeted Mom at his crib in the morning with a wave and a "ba ba" that sounded a lot like bye-bye.  Actually, his first consistent word now is "hi" - it sounds like "duh" but is always accompanied with a good bit of waving.  We knew he'd be a friendly baby since that first wave on the sonogram at a mere 13 weeks.

He enjoys "walking" while holding on to the furniture and walls and likes to "walk" with us holding his hands.  He stands only briefly by himself, but is improving in balance.  Gulp - it won't be long before we have a runner on our hands!

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