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Picture of the Day November 04, 2001

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Daniel had a happy Halloween dressed as a Braves player.  (Even though they weren't in the World Series, we're proud of their unprecedented 10th consecutive division title!)  

Corn and chicken have been met with a small amount of distaste this week.  Daniel will have to warm up to these new foods.  We started giving him Cheerios too.  Evidently Daniel decided he was ready for them, since he was sauntering up to other kids during snack time at daycare and commandeering some of theirs!

Daniel attended Victoria's 5th birthday party Saturday.  He enjoyed watching all the other kids and being outside at the park.  He also had a fun smiling contest with Tina.

Daniel turned up his crawl speed a notch this week... he likes to be on the go!  Join us next week to see what's new.

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