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Daniel November 25, 01

We are truly thankful for our family and friends!  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with Matt and Kim.  Daniel even showed off for them by briefly standing on his own for the first time.  Now, when he's standing and we let go of him, he bends his knees and smiles like he's preparing for the inevitable fall.

Dad was off work Friday, so Daniel stayed home with him... well, until they left to go to Dad's work, then visit Mom and friends at her work.

Daniel turned a whopping 9 months old Tuesday!  He celebrated by starting to sleep past his early morning breakfast call.  Now he doesn't wake up until he is done being sleepy, instead of waking up because he's hungry.  His days start at about 7:00 a.m. now - perfect timing for daycare mornings.  He's so accommodating! 

The weekend brought 9-month portraits, a housewarming party and some Christmas shopping.  Daniel enjoys being on the go and just hanging out with his folks.  We're enjoying it too!

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