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The highlight of our week was Veterans Day, when Mom had the day off and got to be "mom" all day!  We went to the park to swing, then went home and examined the leaves that had fallen from the tree in our front yard.  Later in the week, Daniel enjoyed playing outside in his playpen while Dad raked them up!

This week Daniel tried ham and ate crackers.  He can really chow down Cheerios too.

We always get a kick out of watching Daniel play, and we had an especially fun incident Saturday.  He was playing in the room with us, and we heard him chuckling and giggling to himself.  He'd picked up a board book.  For the first time, he wasn't just interested in chewing or tossing it, but was looking at the pictures by himself and laughing at the baby faces he saw there!

On to another week with our little boy who's just too cute!

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