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Daniel February 10, 2002
Daniel February 24, 02

We've had a fun and busy time since our last update.  Daniel - our little man who is a BIG blessing - turned one!  (He also got teeth #7 and #8!)  We threw a party for him on Sunday before his birthday, then opened family gifts on the 20th.

Daniel enjoyed his party and wow'd his guests by eating all of his graham cracker and banana custard cake!  It was a fun time with 10 adults and 6 kids at our house helping him celebrate.

During the past week, Daniel has also mastered finger foods.  He must have hit a growing spurt based on the amount he now eats before saying "All Done!"  He enjoys bananas, carrots, apricots, noodles, chicken, fish sticks, broccoli and especially green beans.

We're posting this update on a very special day, so Daniel would like to say "Happy Birthday, Grandmommy!"  Today is also one year since we brought Daniel home from the hospital.  It has been a year of true joy and laughter, and we can't imagine any way that Daniel could be a better, more wonderful son!

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