Daniel February 10, 2002

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Daniel February 10, 2002
Daniel February 24, 02

Daniel is feeling better after weathering a storm of symptoms, including coughing, congestion, wheezing and fever.  We did not update the web site last week, because we spent most of the day at Urgent Care, where they determined he had an upper respiratory infection.  He was quite a trooper and only got fussy after dinnertime and bedtime had passed without seeing the doctor yet.

The doctor suggested Daniel sleep propped up to help him breathe, which we thought would be impossible, since he likes to roll laps around his crib at night!  The car seat, tucked in the crib with pillows (see below), was the perfect solution!  He slept there at night and took of all his naps there for almost a week.

During that week Daniel was home sick, Mom and Dad swapped a.m. and p.m. shifts at work, trading off at lunchtime.  It was a tiring schedule for us all (especially for Dad, who started an online Masters program last week), but we were glad to be able to comfort Daniel when needed.  Mom thanks Dad for his tremendous amount of help, not just this week, but every week as we partner in this wonderful world of parenthood!! (likewise from Dad to Mom too!)

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