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Daniel's big news items of the week are his new pair of Stride-Rite shoes and his promotion to the toddler room at daycare!

Mom was home for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, and she and Daniel met Denise and almost-2-year-old Mackenzie to do some shoe shopping.  He was intrigued by the foot-measuring process and enjoyed his new shoes from the time he tried them on.

Now that he had the proper attire to play outside (weather permitting), he was sent to the toddler room "for a few hours" to see how he'd do.  He was happy to be there and did just fine, so they kept him there!  He looks so grown up sitting in the little chairs and walking around with the other toddlers (his older buddies that graduated before him).  

We visited a new church Sunday (Community Bible Church), and our little social butterfly was happy to stay in their nursery during the service.  It's rewarding, yet a little hard, to step back a bit and let him gain independence!

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