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Daniel January 06, 02
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We did well this week easing back into our usual routine.  Monday, Daniel stayed home with Dad, who was still off work.  Tuesday (New Year's Day) was a fun family hangout time, and we took our first tandem/trailer ride in our new neighborhood.  It was short (but sweet)... Daniel chatted happily to us the entire time.

Friday was Daniel's belated 9-month doctor's appointment.  He's officially 21 pounds and 29 1/2 inches.  He got 1 shot and was found to have 2 ear infections!  He's on medication now, which he takes like a champ.  How were we to know, when he's his normal happy, good-sleeper, good-eater self?!?

Sunday (when all of today's pics were taken) was a great day for new things!  Daniel stood alone for about 7 full seconds; later he actually took 2 steps before smiling and sitting down.  Both Mom and Dad saw him and cheered!  He also waved and said "bye-bye."  We continue to immensely enjoy watching Daniel grow and learn by leaps and bounds!!

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