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Daniel July 04, 02
Daniel July 07, 02

We took advantage of the July 4th holiday to get us almost up to date with our pictures of Daniel.  These pics take us through the end of June.

We traveled to Norfolk, Virginia for the June 8th wedding of Daniel's cousin, Chris.  We had a very successful trip and enjoyed seeing family and friends.  Chris and Emily chose a beautiful day to start their new life together.  It was wonderful to be a part of the celebration.

With 2 new teeth breaking through in June, and one more yesterday, Daniel now has 16!  His favorite foods to chew on are peas and bananas (not together)...  Peas used to be Daniel's least favorite food, but now he enjoys piling in handfuls of what he excitedly refers to as "balls!"  He also perks up when he hears bananas are on the menu, or he'll ask for them by name ("nana?").  We almost got him to say "Nana" on the phone for his Nana's birthday on June 20th!

This week Daniel was officially moved up to the "Young 2's" classroom at daycare.  They have more structured activities, and he keeps up with the bigger kids just fine!

Daniel is a little helper, wanting to do everything he sees us do.  He likes to sweep and can put things in the trash can or his hamper (so far he's only put in the things that are supposed to go in each).  He even can find the cloth and wipe off his easel chalkboard by himself.

He plays hard, eats well and sleeps even better.  He stays busy and brings us joy every day!

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