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Daniel June 02,02
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We're still not posting up-to-the-minute Daniel shots, but these pictures go through mid-May.  It's just so time-consuming to view ALL the adorable choices and narrow them down to the "few" best!!

We were delighted to have Nana and Granddad Thompson visit for 2+ weeks.  Daniel had a blast playing with them, going for walks with them, and just generally showing off how cute and good he is.  We shared lots of laughs and fun times.  The most exciting event to share was Mother's Day on May 12th, when we had Daniel dedicated at Community Bible Church.  Besides grabbing and holding the mic while Dad was introducing the family to the congregation, Daniel did great and was very handsome in his sunsuit.  Pastor Barry said he could tell Daniel was going to be a preacher!

May 17th was Bike to Work day in our area, so we did!  We hopped on our tandem pulling Daniel in his trailer and coasted the two (slightly downhill) miles to work.  We all wore red and had a grand time.  We even pedaled home pretty easily.  We'll have to make that a habit!

We found a Bible study group at our new church that was willing to move locations to meet in our home one evening a week.  It starts just past Daniel's bedtime, so it works very well for all of us!

Daniel is starting to run and enjoys playing with his bubble mower and any size ball.  In fact, "ball" is one of his favorite words, along with "whoa!" and "that" (usually said while pointing).  He speaks in entire paragraphs now, but we can't decipher most of it... yet.  He's doing great with his baby signs, so we can understand him.  He's recently started using the signs for eat, drink, nighty-night, where?, and hear.  We're still constantly amazed as we watch him learn and grow in such cute style!!

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