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Pictures of the Day May 20, 02

We haven't had a chance to post an update for awhile, so today we're just posting pics we'd taken through May 5th.  We'll try to share more very soon.  Here's some news...

Tooth #12 finally arrived on May 4th! Daniel now enjoys eating almost everything we offer him, with his current fave food being cheese.

The third hand sign he learned to do was "cookie" (after all, he is his Mom's boy!).  The next sign he learned was "please" - but instead of just patting his chest with one hand, he started by patting his tummy with both!  It seemed appropriate, though, since cookie and please are often used together.

On April 24th, Daniel was sent home from daycare sick with mild symptoms.  Several of the typical childhood illnesses had been reported in his classroom, but he never had enough fever or rash to really determine what was wrong.  It did give Mommy her first chance to make Jello for Daniel (and pudding too just for good measure).

On the beverage front... Daniel demonstrated he could drink out of a straw by using a big Braves cup like he saw Mom using.  It was serious business, as you can see by the picture.  He also knows some of his body parts - nose, eyes, head... but his favorite one to show you when you ask is his belly button!  He's a cutie and makes us smile every day!

Click here for the latest movies: Hug And Pat (1.3 MB MPEG file), Morning Stroll (1.3 MB MPEG file), Tap Dance (1.3 MB MPEG file), Tasty (1.3 MB MPEG file), Who Needs A Fork Anyway (1.3 MB MPEG file)
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