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Daniel April 07, 02
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It's taken awhile for us to post this update, so we have lots of pictures to share!  Daniel continues to grow by leaps and bounds - both in learning and by literally getting taller.  He now slides down the stairs on his tummy and can make the big step up into the house by himself.  He also likes to take "Big Steps" up the stairs.  One of us holds his hands and he walks up, one foot per step.  It's especially cute since he giggles along the way!  Tooth #11 arrived 4 weeks ago - no #12 yet...

Daniel had his "one year" checkup on his 13th monthiversary (3/20/02) and was 30 1/2 inches tall! He hasn't gained any weight lately - he's still about 21 pounds - just getting taller and thinner as he gets more active.  We had to make a stop at the lab for routine blood work.  He was an angel while they drew blood from his arm.  The nurse was impressed (and grateful).

His newest word is "bubble" and he's starting to learn baby signs - hand signals for common words to help him communicate before he's able to speak well.  He does the sign for "more" often, whether it's for more asparagus or for Mom to get the wand and blow more bubbles.  Daniel likes to get his teeth brushed with baby toothpaste, and says "Ahhh" for the process (and usually for awhile after we're done).

We had a great Easter attending church and visiting with Matt and Kim (and checking out their new car!)  Daniel even had a few goodies from the grandparents and Mom and Dad to help celebrate.

Daycare hasn't been all fun and games lately.  Daniel got bumped and fell on the floor, getting his first "goose egg" on his head.  He was his usual happy self in no time, and the bruise is almost completely gone.  Also, Daniel let his frustration get to him twice recently, resulting in his biting two classmates.  We're hoping the introduction of baby signs will help him express himself in better ways, and we'll see if we can arrange for more sleep during the day at school.

His well-rested weekend self enjoys gigglefests with Dad, likes to pat Mom on the back while hugging her, and looks too cute while squatting down to "sniff" the new flowers in the yard!  Not every single minute is easy with a toddler but 99.9% of them are amazing amounts of fun!

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