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Picture of the Day March 17, 02

We have several milestones to report since our last update.  Daniel has 10 teeth (at least - it's hard to peek in there sometimes...), he is facing forward in the car (he's old enough and needed the leg room), and he moved up from his highchair to a booster seat (easier to use the suction cup bowl so he can practice using his spoon)!

He does something new almost every day.  We were surprised recently to see him get all the way down the stairs (backwards) by himself.  He can crawl up on the sofa and sit down, and he will come to one of us, take our hand and lead us to where he wants us to play.  Daniel loves giving Daddy "5" - probably because we cheer so loudly when his little hand pats Daddy's bigger one.

He enjoys drawing on his new easel, and his favorite words right now are uh-oh and balloon ("buh loooo!!").  He is such a sweetie... which perhaps worked to his disadvantage recently when he was bitten twice in one week at daycare while confidently defending the toy he was playing with.

Daniel follows simple instructions well (as we'd expect, since Mom and Dad are both rule followers), and he likes to read aloud ("Doi, doi, doi doi" with intonation as he turns the pages).  He's a great giggler and hugger!  Every day is a blast; we enjoy it all we can!

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